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Dental Hygiene

Our dental hygiene department is dedicated to assessing each patient's individual oral health condition and incorpo­rating the most current scientific research, including consideration of the impact of oral health on diseas­es such as heart disease and diabe­tes. Our dental hygienists work with Dr. Kozinn to develop a specific treatment plan designed to make sure each patient has the best oral health possible.

While assessing a patient's overall health, he also looks for problems such as caries (cavities) and peri­odontal (gum) disease. The dental hygienists perform thorough head and neck examinations to screen for oral cancer. Our goal is to enhance the oral health of each patient as is deemed necessary including simple cleanings, fluoride treatments, periodontal scaling and root planning, x-rays, sealants and oral hygiene instruction.

They are also looking for evidence of malocclusion, excessive wear and TMJ (jaw joint) pathology. We can provide night guards, sports guards or splinting depending what is best for the patient. When the initial treatment has been completed, all patients are placed on a customized recall system that best suits the needs of each patient.

Sealants are applied to the grooves of back teeth. They are an effective way to prevent dental decay. Sealants are placed without any discomfort on the permanent teeth of children and young adults who may be prone to decay.